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We perform the rehabilitation of your built heritage by returning it's conditions of use, giving you total satisfaction.
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The progressive degradation of structures, be it the interior or exterior aspect of edifices, which has continuously worsen with every passing year, has resulted in a natural aging of urban centers due to a lack of maintenance, conservation and a certain inadequacy regarding edifices’ natural needs.

Owing to these circumstances, the apparent abandonment and degradation found in both historical and residential areas is incoherent from an environmental, energetic, social and economical perspective and does not conform to cities’ current need for sustainability.

It is crucial that urban rehabilitation interventions meet the basic efficiency, durability, compatibility and economic requirements. Each intervention possesses a set of attributes whose characteristics must be classified as:

  • Range – Scope of interventions
  • Nature – essential characteristics of interventions
  • Degree – distinguishing between what may be considered mild interventions from more profound ones, namely those involving improvements to exterior insulation.


ERI Engenharia S.A. aims to contribute to the betterment of living standards and the well-being of future urban generations.


Supported by a specialized technical staff , we highlight the following services

  • Architectural survey of edifices
  • Urban requalification
  • Technical coatings
  • Waterproofing
  • Electrical and mechanical installations
  • Allotments
  • Efficiency rehabilitation of edifices
  • Thermal insulation system ETICS
  • Repair and recuperation of roofing and facades
  • Concrete Treatment
  • Terraces and balconies
  • Interiors
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Facade rehabilitation of Montevideu building in, na Avenida Montevideu, Foz do Douro